Sunday, September 23, 2012

Liebster Blog Award

Thank you very much to the lovely Grace Ma from The Humble Watermelon for nominating me!  She has a fantastic blog and I really enjoy reading her posts.  Go check it out!

The Rules:

1. Thank and link back to the giver
2. Answer the award giver's questions
3. Nominate 5 other blogs that have fewer than 200 followers
4. Ask 5 questions for one's nominees to answer's the questions, then!

Grace Ma's Questions:

1. What do you like to eat the most?  Any kind of chocolate! :D Though I'm especially obsessed with Reese's cups.
2. When did you start to get really interested in books/reading?  Ever since I was really little, probably 5 or 6.  I've loved to read as long as I can remember.
3. Other than reading or blogging, what would you do on a rainy day?  Ooh, that's a tough question, lol.  I'm homeschooled, so I'd probably be doing schoolwork.  If not, I'd watch a movie or listen to music.  Exciting, I know. :P
4. Do you borrow books or buy books more often?  Hmm...I buy books pretty frequently, but I go to my library every week, so I think I probably borrow books more often.
5. Quick, tell me, what is the weather outside like right now?  It's late in the evening so it's dark outside and it's getting cold.  Fall is coming way too fast...

There you go!  Here's my nominees:

Downright Dystopian
Young at Heart
The YA Book Geek
Page Girl's Page
Sofia Loves Reading

Here are my questions for you guys:

1. Do you prefer physical books or e-books?
2. What's your favorite genre to read?
3. Do you prefer hardcovers or paperbacks?
4. How often do you reread books?
5. What's the most recent book that you've read and loved?

Well, I guess that's it!  Thanks again for the nomination, Grace Ma!

~ The Bookworm


  1. Oh I love Reese's cups!!! They are so yummy XD

    Anyways, congrats on your award!

    -Grace :)

    1. I know, aren't they amazing? :D

      Thanks! :]