Saturday, September 1, 2012

Book Review: Endless Summer

Goodreads summary:

Two irresistible boys. One unforgettable summer. 

Lori can’t wait for her summer at the lake. She loves wakeboarding and hanging with her friends—including the two hotties next door. With the Vader brothers, she's always been just one of the guys. Now that she’s turning sixteen, she wants to be seen as one of the girls, especially in the eyes of Sean, the older brother. But that’s not going to happen—not if the younger brother, Adam, can help it.

Lori plans to make Sean jealous by spending time with Adam. Adam has plans of his own for Lori. As the air heats up, so does this love triangle. Will Lori’s romantic summer melt into one hot mess?

My review:

Okay, so I am officially in love with Jennifer Echols's books.  Besides Endless Summer, the only other book I've read by her was Such a Rush (which I also adored).  But I am so totally getting some more of her books soon!  She comes up with the most amazing stories.

I zipped through Endless Summer in two days.  I laughed out loud, sympathized with the characters, and - oh yeah, Adam Vader is now on my list of swoon-worthy boys.  I loved it all!

The plot was great.  It's hilarious to watch Lori planning how to make Sean fall in love with her!  Lori's ideas were so farfetched but still believable.  The story kept getting more and more complicated.  I was biting my nails, I was so anxious to find out what Adam and Lori would do next!

The characters: also fantastic.  Lori is quirky, likeable, and has the funniest sense of humor.  I could completely relate to her.  And Adam...ah, he was so sweet!  He was impulsive and jumped into things without thinking, but I loved that part of his character.  He genuinely loved Lori, even when she didn't realize.  So cute! <3 And all the other characters, like Lori's brother, were great additions to the story!

Favorite quote (it's from Adam' s POV):  "'I'm not stalking Lori,' I insisted.  'I'm making sure she's safe.  Besides, how could you stalk Lori McGillicuddy?  She'd see you and come out to your truck and say, 'Hi, I'm Lori.  Are you my stalker?  It's so neat to meet you!  While you're stuck here watching my every move, is there anything I can bring you?  Sweet tea?'"

THIS.  This is why I love this book.

So if you've never read any books by Jennifer Echols, then you MUST get your hands on them soon!  I know I will be reading more of her work.

My rating: 9 out of 10

~ The Bookworm

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