Sunday, September 30, 2012

Baltimore Book Festival

Guess what?!  Yesterday was pretty much the best day of my life.  I met authors Jennifer L. Armentrout, Leanna Renee Hieber, Alethea Kontis, Shannon Hale, Tiffany Trent, and Jessica Day George at the Baltimore Book Festival.

It was epic.

I was so excited because it's the first book festival that I've been too.  I was so, so, so happy to be able to meet all the different authors and get my books signed.  Meeting JLA was basically the highlight of my day!  She was so sweet and she signed my books for me, and she even got a picture with me!

She is the definition of awesome.

Leanna Renee Hieber and Alethea Kontis were amazing too.  They were both so funny and I loved getting the opportunity to meet them!  I've already read Darker Still, Leanna Renee Hieber's YA novel, and I found out there's a sequel coming out in November!  Yay!  I got a signed copy of Alethea Kontis's YA book Enchanted, which I was so excited about because I've been wanting to read Enchanted ever since it came out!  Then I met Tiffany Trent, who was so kind and sweet, and I was thrilled to get a copy of her new book I've been dying to read, The Unnaturalists!  Lastly I met Shannon Hale and Jessica Day George.  I was so excited to get my books signed by them.  I've been fans of them ever since I was 12; their books were among the first YA fiction I ever read!  It was an amazing experience.

And there was tons of free swag too, which was super cool.  Here's a pic of everything I acquired yesterday.  Actually, the three books on top were ones I already owned, and I purchased the three on bottom.  All six books are now signed.  *does happy dance*


Anyway, I'm still freaking out over how epic the last twenty-four hours have been.  This was such a great book festival and I can't wait to attend more book signings in the future!

~ The Bookworm

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