Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Book Review: My Super Sweet Sixteenth Century

Goodreads summary:

On the precipice of her sixteenth birthday, the last thing lone wolf Cat Crawford wants is an extravagant gala thrown by her bubbly stepmother and well-meaning father. So even though Cat knows the family’s trip to Florence, Italy, is a peace offering, she embraces the magical city and all it offers. But when her curiosity leads her to an unusual gypsy tent, she exits . . . right into Renaissance Firenze.

Thrust into the sixteenth century armed with only a backpack full of contraband future items, Cat joins up with her ancestors, the sweet Alessandra and protective Cipriano, and soon falls for the gorgeous aspiring artist Lorenzo. But when the much-older Niccolo starts sniffing around, Cat realizes that an unwanted birthday party is nothing compared to an unwanted suitor full of creeptastic amore.

Can she find her way back to modern times before her Italian adventure turns into an Italian forever?

My review:

So I am officially in love with this book (I'm going to call it MSS16C for short).  It's my new favorite book.  So.  Good.

Okay, so I admit it, the gorgeous cover was what drew me in.  I mean, who doesn't want that girl's dress?  But when I read the summary and found out it was about time travel (I'm a huge Doctor Who fan), I freaked out and knew that I had to read it as soon as it released.  THEN, when I saw that Lisa T. Bergren, one of my favorite authors ever and the writer of the fabulous time travel River of Time series, had blurbed it, I became even more excited.

Basically, I had super high expectations for this book.  And MSS16C definitely lived up to them!

The characters: perfection.  Every single one of them.  See, it's really rare for me to read a book and love all of the characters.  It always seems like I never fully connect or like everyone.  But in MSS16C, I adored them all!  The main character Cat is absolutely hysterical.  She's the type of girl I'd want to be best friends with in real life.  She has a great sense of humor, she's smart, and she's completely likeable.

Then there is Lorenzo.  *cue dreamy sigh*  Ladies, he is totally swoon-worthy.  What's great is that he's not just a cute guy.  His character also has depth and we find out more of his dreams and wishes as the story continues.  Another two of my favorite characters were Alessandra and Cipriano.  I loved the friendship and bond that formed between Alessandra and Cat, and Cipriano was so protective and sweet!

The setting was amazing as well.  I've always loved Italy, and Rachel Harris chose a great time period to write about.  I loved the descriptions; it made me feel like I was there.

Lastly, the plot.  MSS16C is definitely a fluffy, fun-filled book, but there are still some serious moments.  Cat struggles over finding a way back to modern times and has to make some tough decisions about family and what's important.  I appreciated that aspect of the plot and really admire the decisions Cat made, even though the end was heartbreakingly sad.  And yes, it also ends with a cliffhanger.  *groan* I need the sequel!  Why can't it come out sooner?

MSS16C is a must-read.  Anyone can enjoy it, and fans of books like The River of Time series and Ruby Red will love it!  Most definitely recommended!

My rating:  10 out of 10

~ The Bookworm

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