Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Book Review: Only Everything by Kieran Scott

Goodreads summary:

Sometimes the gods can be so unreasonable.

Like Zeus, the king, who thinks the proper reaction to finding me kissing a mortal is to threaten my boyfriend Orion's life, banish me to Earth, and force me to inspire true love between three couples without my powers. I know! Elders! I'm Eros, a.k.a. Cupid. The Goddess of Love. Until this morning, anyway.

Now I'm stuck on Earth with no clue how to function as a human, and I can't even conjure up my magical bow and arrows to help me do my job. I've already met this amazing guy—Charlie, a new kid in school like me—but matching him up isn't as easy as I thought. Turns out opposites don't attract, nearly identicals don't attract, and giving a guy what he seems to want is just one big disaster. My sweet new friend Katrina might work, but she's got more complications than Medusa's hair, and a live-in boyfriend with a serious mean streak. Probably not the best idea to go there.

If I don't make a match, I may never see Orion again. I have so much to lose, and only everything to gain.

My review:

I love reading books about Greek mythology, so I had high hopes for Only Everything.  Unfortunately, it turns out there isn't much in the way of mythology in this book.  Instead, it was filled with endless drama and ridiculous scenarios.

I couldn't stand Eros.  She's so vain and petty.  Also, she's supposed to be the goddess of love, plus she's thousands of years old, so you would think she's somewhat intelligent, right?  But no, she falls in love with Orion after only knowing him for a few months (and their love story was extremely underdeveloped).  Not only that, but she has no idea how to function in the human world.  She chooses the name True as her human name, dresses in random clothing, and has no idea how to interact with humans.  You'd think that after years of watching humans, she'd have some idea of how to act normal, right??  Well, apparently not. 

The story is not only told from Eros's point-of-view, but also from Katrina's and Charlie's.  I couldn't stand Katrina's character either.  She's in a relationship with an older guy that's clearly going downhill, but she spends the whole story acting oblivious to it.  How does she not realize that her boyfriend is a jerk?  I kept wishing she would hurry up and stand up for herself.  I felt a little bad for her, but I really couldn't bring myself to care much for her character at all.  

Charlie was about the only character I could stand.  I didn't particularly like him, but I didn't want to constantly strangle him like I did Eros and Katrina.  His storyline was actually pretty decent.  It was about him trying to fit in with his family and impress his father by participating in sports, until he eventually learns that he needs to do what makes him happy.  Slightly cliche, but it was bearable.  I did get somewhat frustrated with Charlie because he could be such a pushover, but I found it easier to like his character.

Overall, I just couldn't get into this book.  Despite the cliffhanger ending, I'm not going to pick up the sequel.  I was annoyed by all the characters and disappointed by how it was in no way realistic to Greek mythology.  The only good thing I can say is that it was a quick read.  

*I won a copy in a Goodreads First Reads giveaway 

My rating:  2 out of 5 stars

~ Kaitlyn

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