Friday, May 2, 2014

My Top 5 Books of April 2014

I enjoyed nearly all the books I read during April.  According to Goodreads, though, I'm a couple books behind in my reading challenge.  Grrr.  Since school's winding down in May, I'm going to make a bigger effort to get more reading done.

Here's the books I read in April:

- Hopeless by Colleen Hoover
- Cress by Marissa Meyer
- The Glass Casket by McCormick Templeman
- School Spirits by Rachel Hawkins
- Curtsies & Conspiracies by Gail Carriger
- How to Love by Katie Cotugno
- Dangerous by Shannon Hale
- A Mad, Wicked Folly by Sharon Biggs Waller
- My Not So Super Sweet Life by Rachel Harris
- Love Disguised by Lisa M. Klein
- The Girl with the Windup Heart by Kady Cross
- You Are Here by Jennifer E. Smith
- Where Silence Gathers by Kelsey Sutton
- Control by Lydia Kang

My top five favorites:

1. Cress by Marissa Meyer.  Spellbinding and enchanting, this third book in the Lunar Chronicles completely captivated me.  I love how Meyer puts her own totally unique spin on fairytales - this one's about Rapunzel.  Cress, the heroine, was an amazing character that I grew to love - plus, she and Captain Thorne were adorable together!

2. A Mad, Wicked Folly by Sharon Biggs Waller.  I can't get enough of historical books, and I love that this one is set during the early 1900's in England - definitely a time period full of change and new ideas.  The author did a wonderful job with all the historical details, and I enjoyed the main character's journey of independence.

3. My Not So Super Sweet Life by Rachel Harris.  I can always count on Rachel's books to make me fangirl and swoon.  I devoured this cute contemporary story.  The sweet romance and funny characters put a smile on my face.  Rachel's books are so addicting!

4. How to Love by Katie Cotugno.  This story really blew me away.  It's a contemporary about a girl who has to relearn what it means to love and decide who's important in her life.  I loved it except for one thing - I thought Sawyer's character was a jerk.  That part bothered me, but other than that I really enjoyed this story.

5. Hopeless by Colleen Hoover.  After reading nothing but glowing reviews for this book, I had pretty high expectations, and I'm happy to say that they were mostly met.  This was more of a 4-star book than a 5-star book for me, but that's not to say that I didn't love Hopeless, because I did.  It was an inspiring story full of twists and originality.  I'll definitely check out more of this author's work!

What books have you read lately that you loved?

~ Kaitlyn

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